Full Name
Stephen Kahmann
Job Title
Technical Director
iNovex Information Systems
Speaker Bio
Stephen started as an iNovex intern almost a decade ago! Graph technology caught his eye, and it was there that he discovered the endless benefits of using graph data technologies to solve complex data problems in almost any domain. Once his bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering at Ohio state University was complete, he jumped into his master’s in Computer Science at Johns Hopkins University. At iNovex, he envisioned an environment that encouraged creative collaborations and helped deep exploration grow—this was the foundation for what is now the iNovex Foundry. Stephen spearheaded the effort to develop the Mobi platform—one of the first innovations out of the Foundry that went on to be a data solution of choice for the Air Force Research Lab. Stephen is currently iNovex’s Technical Director, where he leads teams of semantic technology and data experts as they develop diverse graph-based solutions for both commercial and government clients.
Stephen Kahmann